Walking at a Farm or Country Retreat for a child is to go explore rather than go for a walk. You may from Hidcote Manor Farm explore villas, castles, gardens and pubs, or the treasure hunt at Dolphinholme Farm in Lancashire , but something simpler will suit the kids wonderfully well. To just get up and go immediately outside, jump up from sleep and collect eggs will do it, full of a sense of freedom in the outdoors. And not just to be on the farm, but to wake up on the farm, and for three days! On the farm, a kid’s kind of walk may consist of the following:

  • Wander off into the fields.
  • Walk over to play with a new friend.
  • Go and meet the animals, introduce yourself.
  • Play in the woods, dam streams where you find them
  • Encounter water wherever you can!


Great walking, rambling and hiking from the farm

Take off along the NT-highlighted walk just south-east of the beautiful Acton Scot Country Retreat in Shropshire along the stringently straight 400-million-year-old escarpment. Dolphinholme Farm has fells, valleys and moorland of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty-designated Forest of Bowland on the edge of the farm. Within a 125-mile radius of London are Malting Farm’s nature trail through water meadows and woodland, Malvern Hill walking near Hollings Hill Farm, and multiple networks of paths from New Barn and Gambledown farms to explore.

But on the other hand …

Every walk can be a great walk

Wonderful countryside, and routes through it, will be made the most of by the adults in the party, but a few games can also create a natural playground for children.

  • Call out animal names. The last letter of the animal is the first letter of the next animal. See how far you get and what will creative creations may emerge!
  • Leave a natural trail or arrows in sticks or shells.
  • How about adult and child teams with a couple of you going ahead leaving the trail for team 2 to follow?
  • Lay down, so to remember to smell the scents and see the colours above, the “diamonds” in the trees.
  • And of course kids adore the animals and things they see floating by in cloud form.

In this way, going for a walk can keep kids under the spell off of and around your your glamping farm or Country Retreat!

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