Feather Down has many more new farms beginning: ready and waiting to welcome all with open arms and the unbounded enthusiasm of new members. Scattered across the land, there are in total 32 locations, making Feather Down reachable, within easy driving distance. Within Europe as a whole, 2016 brings 10+ new farms into the fold.

We are delighted to welcome the brand new Feather Down Farm, Wambrook Farm for your consideration if “luxury camping Somerset” sounds good to you. The farm is the perfect synthesis of old and new, with history in its preserved buildings and the future in its outlook being organic. Wambrook even produces sedum matting for green roofs. This plus the farm’s ideal location in an AONB is nevertheless still only the tip of the iceberg in all that Wambrook Farm offers in the details for a trip glamping Somerset.

When glamping Cornwall is your goal, Feather Down has a natural winner in its new Cornwall farm for 2016, Treganhoe Farm. Again, like Wambrook Farm, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the landscape is necessarily spectacular. This glamping Cornwall farm holiday is also next door to a reservoir and bird reserve, making a special area that bit more special. Further, Treganhoe Farm offers a “luxury camping Cornwall” holiday just 10 minutes from the beach!

Both farms have sheep and cows that will lamb and foal, and the Feather Down feeling already…

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