No less creature comforts but all sorts of new adventures

Do you like the idea of camping, but can’t seem to get your head around the temporary loss of creature comforts? Maybe you and the rest of the family need to spend some good quality time together, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Why not introduce your children to country life, and give them the opportunity to experience brand new adventures, in a natural environment, while glamping at Feather Down Farm. You’ll learn all about everyday life on a working farm, while reconnecting with nature.


So what exactly is glamping and will the children like it?

The UK has the largest number of Feather Down Farms in Europe and glamping holidays are rapidly gaining popularity. When glamping at Feather Down Farm, you’ll be able to spend quiet time with your family, amidst an inviting and inspiring setting. One of the best things about glamping is that you don’t have to let go of all modern amenities, as basic facilities are provided. The tents are super spacious and expertly styled with authentic, old fashioned furnishings. Flushing toilets are standard too, for your convenience, and the cupboard beds, which date back to medieval times, are an interesting feature. The children will love playing hide and seek inside these and they provide plenty of storage space. Candlelight and oil burners evoke an enchanting ambiance inside the tents, which are positioned on hardwood floors. These tents are warm and toasty, thanks to the wood burning stoves, which are also useful for cooking delicious, hearty stews and tasty fry up’s on.


There is indeed life after TV and WiFi

The English countryside is stunning and life on the farm is so different from hectic city life. You’ll receive all of the basic amenities inside your tent, and a really cool cupboard bed. However, there won’t be a flat screen TV in sight. Feather Down Farm tents are in fact electricity free. You might be wondering what on earth you’ll find to do on glamping family holidays, without TV’s and internet access. Well, there’s always something going on at the farm. The children will learn lots about day to day farm life and they can take part in daily chores, like collecting eggs from the chicken coop. They might even get to see a new-born lamb being birthed. Now isn’t that just amazing! After a long and eventful day at the farm, return back to the cosy tent to relax, unwind, and sleep very soundly, on the ultra-comfy cupboard bed.


Be one with nature

If you have never been a fan of camping, you should consider a family holiday, glamping at Feather Down Farm. The unified experience of being out in nature, with essential creature comforts, is truly satisfying. But don’t take our word for it. Make sure you try it out for yourself.

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