There is an extraordinary variety to a stay in the Netherlands, known to all as ‘Holland’, a country full of character, with windmills still dotting the landscape. Near-fluorescent stripes of colour in the spring are created by every one of those individual tulips, and hugely charming architecture characterises the little towns. All of this, glamping at a Feather Down farm puts you in the midst of. Savour the contrast of a trip to all the atractions and actvitity of Amsterdam accessible from Groene Hoeve Farm, and feeding the goats on the farm, feeling the muzzles snuffling against your hand in the expanse of the green surroundings.

Glamping, and Amsterdam, Edam and more

Three of the most beautiful towns – other than Amsterdam itself – most sought after by visitors are within 30 minutes’ drive from the Groene Hoeve: Edam, Volendam and Enkhuizen. So, it’s a short trip to the town with the famous name given to its cheese, Edam, to potter around the cheese market there. Alongside the classic cheese, freshly made, perhaps even pick up a cheese or two that isn’t exported: that the Dutch keep to themselves! Then there is Enkhuizen, the wonderfully well-preserved 17th-century harbour town, and charming Volendam where it’s own traditional costime might still be seen. Thirty-five minutes from the Groene Hoeve reaches them all.

But can you leave the farm?

You may be pushed for time to see Amsterdam and its smaller, lovely neighbours simply by finding out how wonderfully time can be spent on the farm minus the various screens that take up time in modern-day life. The Groene Hoeve is not only a goat farm but a cheese maker. Children can lend a helping hand with feeding the goats, milking them and even making cheese or ice cream. The tents overlook a little stream where children can paddle and see frogs that will sit on the hand for a closer look. You’ll need to offer a good argument to make that Amsterdam trip. Of course, Amsterdam provides many good arguments …

English language – not a problem!

You are need the coast here at Wijdenes, yet another direction to head off in, if you tear yourself away. If you would like to know more about where to go, and especially all about the farm, and explained in excellent English, you need go no further than the family themselves. They can tell about their efforts towards sustainable and organic farming, and the active dairy farm for over 150 years. You will not be lost for things to do, with the little things as meaningful as the big.

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