Living in one of the UK’s largest cities can leave you feeling frazzled and in need of down time; companies selling family holidays think it is more important to pack your time with activities than it is to rest and rejuvenate, this is not the case with Feather Down Farms.

Put the fun back into camping!

A glamping holiday marries rustic camping with comfort and brings you the best of both worlds. There is no messing around with putting up tents, unpacking cooking equipment or worrying about what you will do for a toilet in the middle of the night because these things are taken care of for you; you literally need to turn up with clothes, food and other things you think make the perfect family break. The accommodation available at Feather Down Farms reflects the simple, natural feel of camping, but with far more comfort. Our tents all have flushing toilets, wood stoves and cosy beds to sleep in and, better yet, it is all waiting there for you when you arrive. And with their locations on real life working farms, you get the outdoor edge that every camping holiday must have, no matter how close you are to the city.

Leave The Hubbub Behind

Even though the UK doesn’t have an official second city, it is generally felt that the two deserving of this title are Birmingham and Manchester; each is bursting with the hustle and bustle you tend to expect of city life. However, you might be surprised to realise that not too far from either of these locations lie small pieces of tranquillity just waiting to be explored, with a number of our farms being little more than an hour’s drive away. A visit to these calm retreats guarantees quality family time, whether you choose to wile away the hours on country walks; help out on the farm; explore local landmarks; or hang out around the camp fire cooking marshmallows; you can do all of that and more – you might just choose to enjoy the simplicity that comes with camping in style and make some wonderful memories along the way.
Regardless of where you are travelling from, family holidays with us offer you the chance to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy quiet time in a charming, quiet location that allows you to reconnect with nature and all she has to offer.

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