Back to Amsterdam to remember, reminisce and renew

Remembering trips to Amsterdam pre-kids and nostalgia comes on strong despite the fact that you would do it differently this time around. There are your children for one thing. They deserve to have their own memories of the town, which get to mingle with yours, stretching from those days to this.


Brits to the Netherlands: road trip adventure-upon-adventure

The Drake family added to the routes of classic road trips, heading from Gloucestershire to the Channel Channel, through and onwards, with children whose eyes were wide taking it all in, the sights and scenes holding off sleep. And they were in good voice as kids need to be on family car trips, running on the high of anticipated adventure.


Hoeve de Pippert Farm

At Hoeve de Pippert, Papa, Adam, Drake found the word “tent” quite the understatement when used to describe what he found after leaving the car behind and heading off with belongings in wheelbarrow through the trees. And what did the kids think? The Feather Down tent has as its focus the cupboard bed, at least in a child’s eyes: The Drake’s children, Molly and Harry, were “beyond excited”. Anyone who has come to Feather Down with their children will recognise this and remember the look on the face.

See “the look” and more in the full and fully illustrated report right here!

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