Layer Marney Tower Country Retreat, take a few more risks than Chesters Country Retreat perhaps needed to when they had their time in the sun on TV’s Channel 4 and its popular Country house Rescue show. Nick and Sheila of Layer Marney Country Retreat guarantee themselves a large audience when they are featured today (Wed 7th 5pm and at the same time on Fri 9th) on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed series, but will the risks pay off?

Vested interest opinion!

Four in a Bed sees owners in the same business and area of touristic accommodation staying at each other’s locations and rating them point by point and in terms of value for money. With the show set up as a competition, our heroes Nick and Sheila are open to criticism and possibility for tit-for-tat criticism is rife, the sound of axes being ground given the opportunity to drown our rational conversation! What will the other contestants consider the value of Layer Marney Country Retreat and Nick and Sheila’s Feather Down setup?

Can Layer Marney convince?

Will they understand that the 500-year-old location is what today’s young families are looking for when combined with the Feather Down’s luxury camping and Layer Marney’s own activities? Or perhaps the question is whether the other contestants will be able to get their fill of a favourite Layer Marney activity, and how they might go about getting more …

The Country Retreat / Feather Down combo

So, what we have here is a Tudor gatehouse with the tallest tower in the country in combination with real Feather Down charm. Though it is not a farm, Layer Marney has its own farm animals to meet, with stable yard too, but also the gorgeous lakeside setting of the location. There is the classic honesty shop that gives everyone a good feeling to use, and not only in the belly later, plus a range of Feather Down food extras for barbecuing, stewing and more. The possibility of bikes to rent makes sure that visitors can explore the surroundings even farther than the grounds, for more contact with the surroundings than possible on four wheels. You would soon be ready to again for more taste sensations!

What’s next for Layer Marney?

2016 is lined up for Layer Marney Country Retreat and ready for booking, as is the rest of October before the October half-term. Hot tubs available as an extra when booking, too! Take a look at the Four in a Bed programme for the opinions aired to find ones that you share! And here it is on our Facebook page too.

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