With the Feather Down season having ended until Easter other than with the perennial log cabins set up in Somerset and Hampshire, Feather Down have turned to providing you with everything you need out of season: Feather Down’s Christmas gifts, for instance!
The Our Taberna web shop is for when you are out or in your own space: gardening in the Feather Down manner with practicality but loads of style; providing your children with the clothes that will keep the mud off, the warmth in and a sense of style to satisfy both child and parent; and making sure that if slow cooking, or more speedily, in your own kitchen, you will have apron, oven gloves, tea towel and more to charm you and those you feed! This and much more are now available at the Our Taberna web shop!

Direct from Feather Down to you

If you would like a very classy but equally useful reminder of Feather Down there is the Feather Down bag. This is not just in name but actually in material, actually being recycled from the canvas of the Canvas Lodges that Feather Down are famous for. But is the Feather Down bag a reminder of your trip or a preliminary to going? The bag is necessarily strong too …

For the dog lover

How about our Black Labrador mug (also apron, tea towel and double oven glove) for the dog lover, owner or just one who likes the idea of having a dog? Then its a classic personalized mug. One of many dog gifts at Our Taberna! As you will see, there are also further reminder of the Feather Down farm (or preliminaries to going) with the equivalents with a speckled hen design.

Kids clothes with style and practicality

Your children are of course catered for at Our Taberna, with for instance coats that are light & of material that rather than stifles, and for practicality folds away into its bag. At the same time, you can find designs of upended umbrellas against rich yellow or teal. All in this line will please your eye, your child’s, and make sense. And wellies are already fun once kids know that wearing them means stomping though a puddle is allowed, with designs of spots, stripes, the green classic, and even umbrellas and tractors, welly boots just got better!

So, come to Our Taberna, the shop that reflects its connection with Feather Down, which is your connection too.
Our Taberna web shop.

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