Pant y March Farm is a Feather Down stunner. Journalist Irma Heger popped over there but found herself pleasingly distracted by the tales of action-man heroics of unheralded stuntman farmer Geraint. It takes a lot to distract from the views, so the stories have to be good! The Bolton News / Bury Times journalist on the spot writes of “sweeping vistas” though journalists are usually thought of as having seen it all …

Can glamping foreground match background

I happen to know that Irma used superlatives like “fantastic time” and “fabulous views” off-the-record too. And did we mention that those vistas are over the largest natural lake in Wales, Lake Bala? But we aren’t just talking about views (although our journalist-on-the-spot mentions in an aside that the Feather Down glamping tents “occupy the most scenic spot on the site”) but the experience: firing up the wood under the hot tub, paying attention with at least one eye to flames showing there through the judicious use of firelighters; in the corner of the other eye, the peaks of Snowdonia.

Capturing your attention

A peaceful sleep in the good air is helped along by the “thick white duvets” of the quality beds that are one of our most appreciated features. Another day and those amazing views don’t let up, but you will forget them when the farmers share with you the best of what they know during the farm tour or just while chatting. The sex lives of Pant y March’s rams was a hot topic Geraint had the answers to questions about, during this particular stay. And of course the time when Geraint also used the lush landscape to his advantage, that is when flying through air, to land well on this countryside he knows so well.

“Look at what I can do!”

Wood-burning stove adepts are made at Feather Down farms: all, under and over 12, coming home with a sense of pride. The Feather Down feeling takes over again in how children and animals get on so well on the farm. Animals gain new names that seem to fit according to the child choosing. The animals can get quite attached to your loved ones and they to them: “Charlie” the sheep coming in and testing bottom bunk (in comparison to field?).
Back to the land and within the landscape, guests get close up to nature while glamping, so have foreground and background both. In the foreground, no mouse to click, touch-pad to tickle: no Wi-Fi, but that much extra time to spend with the ones in your party who are running around, when you catch them, and to pause in your plans and chores. And there’s no electricity for TV, but candles, lanterns and campfire for true atmosphere, and wood-burning stove for delicious warmth. Luxury camping UK for the soul!

But who can stand stand in for him?

And about Geraint making like someone standing in for a big name to take a spill, find out here on our Facebook page, and take a look over here to decide who he might, on the movie set, stand in for (lack of resolution, to widen the field of options) …

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