Holidays are a big event and need some planning, but after any working week, a weekend in the countryside is possible. Detaching from everyday appliances and gadgetry indispensable when you are at home is a good start. Disappearing into nature is halfway there. Finding yourself on a farm is to step instead into a stream of continuity. In a Feather Down luxury tent, you are in harmony and in luxury, with turn-of-the-century farmhouse tent interiors. Weeks and midweeks become possible too when captured by the beauty of the locations and resonant style of your places to stay.

The cupboard bed is the tiniest kids’ room imaginable, but any more space and the thrill would be gone. A wood burning stove can’t be adjusted for heat; the action of sliding the pan to one side feels good. We look to the past and connect you to another time rather than by cable to the present, but we can’t stop moving forward either. The bed has to be a proper one; the toilet has to flush; and as for an en-suite bathroom…


The Canvas Frills Lodge

Stand in the middle with your lovely tent interiors all around. Take a few steps one way (you won’t need a towel). The atmosphere tingles with the sensation of nature just outside that canvas no matter how protective won’t lock out, but that never means stinting on the practicalities. Some minutes later, retracing your steps only a couple of paces, be back at the centre of things completely refreshed from an en-suite bathroom with the style we hope you expect. The breakfast of freshly laid eggs just collected by your children can now follow the shower, entirely in the comfort of your lovely 56m2 living space. And later, when the kids are dirty enough in their dirty clothes, the shower won’t be followed by a treacherous walk back.


The Canvas Frills Lodge with hot tub

After all, not all of us want to bathe in an outdoor hot tub in the evening, watching the sun go down through the steam from the water in the hot tub outside, observing nature settling down for the night. But some do! And you still can at the Canvas Frills Lodge with hot tub, but this luxury tent has been boosted too in the face of some fierce competition. Gas now heats the private shower that compliments the hot tub, while the hot tub itself is of course still wood-powered. A classic Feather Down adventure is to be had by firing it up to match the setting sun for speed to be in place for that magic moment. The beautiful wooden flooring of the tent itself now extends outside though, creating a veranda in the same style. Survey the scene with at least one eye from the comfort of an expansive hammock, stretched out on there.


The Log Cabin

And now for a whole new thing: the Feather Down Log Cabin! Opening the door on the Lake District, a wild, dramatic landscape with its own frontier flavour, you are on the threshold of our Log Cabin at Howbeck Lodge Farm in the Lake District National Park. Of course, the Mendips Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is stunning too, so there are two Log Cabins surrounded by this landscape also, at Warren Farm. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination to see yourself on the raised front porch looking out, the kids tapping into dreams of open spaces and adventure in the countryside and with nature, running around and around it in delight.

Humble but iconic, the Log Cabin offers a luxury, while never ostentatious, family holiday glamping experience. In common with the 19th century Feather Down interiors and our farm locations, this perennial structure taps a vein of continuity and experience, which we have spread over ground floor and mezzanine. Kindling frontier feelings in grown-ups and kids alike, the rugged log cabin is at the same time centred on the warmth of hearth and home.


The 10-Person Tent

Our tents sleep up to 5 adults plus one child of up to 12 years (max. 6 people), but there is one very significant exception. They say an experience shared is an experience doubled, well a maximum of 10 people rather than 6 people isn’t quite doubled, but it’s definitely worth sharing!

Inside the tent, and on the land, your group can share the sense of stepping from the modern age into a stream of experience and continuity, the resonant comfort of a past that was built to last, wore-in like your favourite shoe.


One of these but where?

As important as your surroundings, if not more so, you will be met by legendary Feather Down farm hospitality. New Feather Down farms are sprouting in many countries, about which you can find out soon right here on the Feather Down blog.

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