A scenic location in the country side, luxurious tents and a relaxing weekend – does it sound too good to be true? Feather Down Farms make it possible. Experience the joy of camping without the pain; of giving up your lifestyle and making uncomfortable adjustments.

Camping and glamour – make it your own

A glamping holiday helps you reconnect with nature and appreciate the simple pleasures of farm life while living in the lap of luxury. A sheltered and secluded venue, a home away from home, quality time with your children around the farm, exploratory visits to nearby places, and hospitality with a warm smile and much more. Forget about setting up a tent, building a fire or privacy issues with a spacious canvas lodge that is ready to occupy. The beautiful tents can accommodate 4 people including two children and come with essentials needed for a comfortable stay. Some of the amenities include flushing toilets, dining and cleaning services and barbecue facility. You can also park your car near the canvas lodge occupied by your family.

Discover the beauty of the Black Forest

Nestled amidst grasslands and forests and located within the steep slopes of valleys in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Hilserhofalm takes you to close to nature and wildlife. You can choose from five luxurious tents for your stay. Wake up to a glorious sunrise and relish a hearty breakfast prepared with organic and fresh food sourced directly from the farm. Visit the chicken coop with children or take a tour of the 16 hectares of surrounding grassland. Explore the National Park at the edge of the farm or spend time indoors enjoying the view. Settle into one of the comfy lounge chairs in the veranda and watch the sun go down. Have a candlelight dinner or reveal the chef in you with your barbecue skills.

As you juggle multiple roles in a hectic world of work and responsibilities, there is a real risk of burning out. Take a few days off to unwind. Recharge yourself with an invigorating journey to the great outdoors. Leave all your stress and worries behind and let nature cast her magic on your jaded soul.

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