A few more days and we’re back to the month of May. From May to September the summer beetroot is back to be used nice and fresh. The beetroot was discovered in the 16th century, and a good thing too, it being not only very nutritious but delicious not only to adults! It is ideal […]

Back to Amsterdam to remember, reminisce and renew Remembering trips to Amsterdam pre-kids and nostalgia comes on strong despite the fact that you would do it differently this time around. There are your children for one thing. They deserve to have their own memories of the town, which get to mingle with yours, stretching from […]

No less creature comforts but all sorts of new adventures Do you like the idea of camping, but can’t seem to get your head around the temporary loss of creature comforts? Maybe you and the rest of the family need to spend some good quality time together, and escape the hustle and bustle of the […]

Over the Easter weekend, Feather Down’s Park Farm had a visit by famous actress Tamzin Outhwaite, joined by Kate Thornton who presented XFactor and presents on Radio 2.   Getting back to basics Tamzin and Kate were in the unusual, and potentially lucky, position of being not only able to get away from the hurly-burly […]

FD-by-the-sea in harmony with the land Lunsford Farm is one of Feather Down Farm Days’ waterside farms , quite a lot of water, being the English Channel, just down the hill. On land, up on the higher ground vantage point from which Lunsford offers views of the crashing surf, nature is cared for. Lunsford’s commitment […]